Photography is a bonus. Racing is the sport I love.

My number one focus behind the camera is to take creative images that go above and beyond the standard track side photo. I have been capturing photos since my single digit years, trying to improve my creativity and quality every race weekend. At every race I attend I try to capture as many images as possible, but while also trying to maintain the reason I'm at the track, which is to have fun! Racing has always been the passion, and photography is something I do in order to help keep me behind the wheel.

Photographic Services:

On any given weekend I try to capture images of every car, but that doesn't always happen. If you contact me ahead of time, I can purposefully focus on capturing images of you and your race team.

-Digital package:

20-30 photos of your race team from a race weekend. Includes on track photos, pit shots with car and crew. (Tell me what kind of shots your looking for and I will provide that) *Photos are full size, highest quality, include no watermark, and can be used commercially* 

Please contact me to set up a digital package for your race team! 



My focus is on capturing that shot you won't ever see of your car. Here's a shot of Flying Bye Photo customer Rusty Gill in his TA2 Mustang.